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Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892 - 1950)     over dit gedicht
Edna St. Vincent Millay
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And you as well must die, beloved dust
Ashes of life

God's world
Heart, have no pity on this house of bone
I being born a woman and distressed
I do but ask that you be always fair
I know a hundred ways to die
I know I am but summer to your heart
I pray you if you love me, bear my joy
I shall forget you presently my dear
I think I should have loved you presently
I'll keep a little tavern
If I should learn in some quite casual way
Love is not all
Love is not blind
Love, though for this you riddle me with darts
Loving you less than life, a little less
Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring
Night is my sister
Oh, oh, you will be sorry
Oh think not I am faithful to a vow
Only until this cigarette is ended
The heart once broken
The penitent
Think not, not for a moment let your mind
This door you might not open, and you did

Thou art not lovelier than lilacs, -- no
Time does not bring relief; you all have lied
What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why
When I too long have looked upon your face
When we are old and those rejoicing veins
Ik heb een kleine herberg

Ik heb een kleine herberg
Vlakbij het hoogste punt
Waar ‘t volk met grijze ogen
Zichzelf wat rust vergunt

Er is er veel te eten
Een kroes verdrijft de kou
Van ’t volk met grijze ogen
Dat zich er warmen zou

’t Geroezemoes doet reizigers
Er dromen van hun tocht
Maar ik sta op om middernacht
Als ’t vuur eens doven mocht

Wellicht een raar verzinsel
Maar ’t goede dat ik weet
Komt door een grijs paar ogen
Dat moeite voor me deed

I'll keep a little tavern

I'll keep a little tavern
Below the high hill's crest,
Wherein all grey-eyed people
May set them down and rest.

There shall be plates a-plenty,
And mugs to melt the chill
Of all the grey-eyed people
Who happen up the hill.

There sound will sleep the traveller,
And dream his journey's end,
But I will rouse at midnight
The falling fire to tend.

Aye, 'tis a curious fancy-
But all the good I know
Was taught me out of two grey eyes
A long time ago.     
    foto edna st. vincent millay

   edna st. vincent millay op latere leeftijd
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